Regrets. Как выразить сожаление?

Этот аудиоурок поможет изучить одну из достаточно трудных грамматических конструкций «wish +past perfect». Эта конструкция в английском языке выражает сожаление о чем-то не  сделанном в прошлом.

Mark didn’t take his umbrella to the park, and now he regrets it. Elena bought an expensive dress, and she regrets that too.

Mark: I wish I had taken my umbrella.

Let’s break that down. Mark used: I wish, with the past perfect. Now remember, the past perfect has 3 parts; a subject, like I, you, he, then ‘had’ and finally, the past participle, for example, take, took, taken — taken is the past participle. So ‘I had taken’ is past perfect. So, when Mark says: I wish I had taken my umbrella. He’s using ‘I wish’, with past perfect, to talk about past regrets.

Mark regrets something that didn’t happen — he didn’t take his umbrella, and he wishes he had. But Elena regrets something that did happen: she bought an expensive dress, but she never wore it. So she uses I wish with I hadn’t bought — that’s a negative past perfect.

Elena: I wish I hadn’t bought a rather expensive dress in the sales.

One more thing, if you’re talking about he or she, don’t forget to say wishes instead of wish — so if you’re talking about Elena, say ‘she wishes she hadn’t bought that dress’.


subject wish(es) past perfect
I wish I had bought a new coat


subject wish(es) past perfect
She wishes she hadn’t bought a new coat


Do/does subject wish past perfect
Does she wish she hadn’t bought a new coat?