What pisses you off?

Английский без цензуры. Несколько ярких (хотя и не очень литературных) фраз, которые помогут Вам выразить свои чувства в случае сильного раздражения.

Pain in the neck/rear/ass/bum(British English)/but(American English): describing anything tedious, difficult, annoying or irritating. Also used to describe people who are annoying, irritating or difficult to deal with:

My boss is a real pain in the ass (neck/butt/rear); he’s constantly complaining about my work, but he won’t tell me how to improve it.

Ball ache (Br. E) is used to talk about something annoying or tedious, usually that you don’t want to do.

I love my dog, but having to walk him in all weathers is a real ball ache.

Bitch is used to talk about something very difficult to do. Often used with intensifying adjectives such as real, total.

My driving test was a real bitch, but I passed on my third try.

I spilt red wine on my shirt, and it was a real bitch to get it out.

Bitch is also used to denote something generally annoying or unpleasant:

The Swedish summers are beautiful except for the mosquitoes; they’re a real bitch!

Bitch is also used to denote women who are perceived as acting in an unpleasant manner. This usage often collocates with the intensifying adjective fucking.

My ex-wife is a fucking bitch, she tells my children terrible things about me that aren’t true.

It gets on my tits (Br. E)

That awful song my neighbor plays totally gets on my tits. If I hear it one more time, I will scream!

It gets on my nerves

My office chair squeaks every time I make the slightest move; the squeaky sound is really getting on my nerves.

It pisses me off (both)

We have to get a cordless phone, because constantly tripping over the phone cord totally pisses me off.

It tees me off clean variation of to piss sb off.

It drives me crazy:

The new guy at work is always picking his nose when he thinks nobody’s looking. It’s driving me crazy because it’s so disgusting.

never  offensive
sometimes offensive
(use with caution)
nearly always offensive
(use with extreme caution)
to tee sb* off
to get on sb’s nerves
to drive sb crazy

to be a pain in the neck
to be a (royal) pain

to piss sb off
to get on sb’s tits

to be a pain in the rear/butt/bum/ass
to be a bitch
to be a ball-ache (said about things only, not people)

None of these expressions are as offensive to most people as the REALLY taboo words (e.g., fuck, cunt), but you should definitely use the «Grandma-safe» alternatives if you are unsure.